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No Account Needed. Competitive Rates. Safe and Secure Transactions. HOW IT WORKS



Easy Crypto is easy to use no special skills are needed.



Get your crypto in an average time of two minutes after confirmation.



No personal data needed avoid risk, you always get your coin.


Learn how to use EasyCrypto and find answers to questions you have.

EasyCrypto is an instant crypto exchange with competitive rates, Exchanges are completed in an average time of two minutes after confirmation.

EasyCrypto is a safe exchange and private exchange we do not collect any personal or private data so your identity and information is safe. There are no risks when using EasyCrypto no lost passwords your crypto is always guaranteed to arrive.

Using easy crypto is very easy just follow these steps:
1. Go to the website easycrypto.info
2. Select the crypto currency you want to deposit then select the crypto currency you want to receive then click “CONTINUE”.
3. Enter the Address where you want to receive your crypto currency and your email(optional), Accept the Terms and Conditions then click “CONFIRM”.
4. Confirm the address and click “EXCHANGE” to proceed. Save the order id to track the order or bookmark the page.
5. Transfer the coins to the given address and wait for your coins .

There is no maximum amount, but the minimum is usually $20, Whatever you send make sure it covers the transaction fee.

If your transaction is being delayed check it on the blockchain. If the transaction has been confirmed send an email to help@easycrypto.info with your transaction id.

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